Welcome to HydroCube, a label of General Laser OG, Vienna

Specialists in Turn-Key Small Hydro Power Plants

HydroCube offers small to medium size compact hydro power plants with different turbine typs:

  • Crossflow
  • Kaplan
  • Semikaplan
  • Pelton
  • Francis

up to 1.5 MW per unit.

Hydro Cube is a specialist in "Ready to Use" SHPP in the power range of 10 to 100 kW.

Applications and Benefits of HydroCube plants

HydroCube systems are used as:

  •      Hydroelectric power plants
  •      Pumped-Storage HPP
  •      Drinking water plants

They are characterized by:

  •      High efficiency, high availability
  •      Long operation life
  •      Above average reliability
  •      Low maintenance expenditures
  •      Low operating costs

Systems up to 100 kW can be completely assembled in the container housing and tested  in the factory. On-site only connection, start-up and performance testing.

Latest News

HydroCube R&D Cooperation:

As innovative provider of fully integrated SHPP, we work closely with partners from R&D to continuously:

  •      test new technical procedures
  •      optimize and tuning of components
  •      increase plant efficiency and lifetime



Visit the website of the International Hydropower Exhibition and Congress.

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