HydroCube: Turn key Hydropower units pre-assambled for fastest onsite installation and commissioning.

Challanges for Mini-Hydropower

  • Limited Economic feasability of Hydropower installations below 100KWe due to comparatively high cost of planning, construction and machinery.
  • Delayed realization due to long delivery time of key components.
  • Few alternatives to financing by equity.


Idea and Concept

Reducing the cost for planning and installations by standardisation.

  • Easier way through approval and licensing process.
  • Accelerated implementation.
  • Reduced cost for intallation and maintenance.

Improved integration into local and regional energy planning and grids.

  • Realize synergies through integration with community based energy concepts
  • SCADA-monitoring and controll, Virtual Power Plant Integration etc.

Flexibilisation of options for financing.

  • Investment concepts
  • Leasing concepts for Location or Installations

Cooperation und Partnerships

HydroCube water power units are developed and realized in cooperation with partners from research, development and consultancy.

As a team we are working to:

  • test standardisations and costreductions
  • optimize the integration of components
  • improve the lifetime and efficiency of Hydrocube water power unitis

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